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Computer Repair for the Monterey Bay

Expert Service

Your PC is a very valuable asset, and, as such, it needs to be treated right. We offer expert diagnostics, repair services, and upgrades. Initial testing of any PC problem is free! Also, free advice is always given in an objective, goal-oriented fashion.

Troubleshooting is accomplished based on symptoms, not on what we’d like to sell you. If you truly need an upgrade, several options are always explained.

At Computer Corner, we do not “push tin”. If your computer is already adequate for the tasks you perform every day, then there may be no point in replacing it.

Let us take a look at it and fairly evaluate your PC’s need for tuneup, optimization, or possible replacement.

Specializing in virus and spyware/malware removal and immunization; we employ several unique and extremely effective techniques to get your system running the way it was when you first purchased it. Maybe even better!

Expertly Built Systems

If you’re in the market for a new system, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Our systems are hand-built, custom computers that are purpose-built for your needs. While it is often wise with a new PC to step up the performance options enough to stay ahead of the “technology curve”, it is equally important to choose the right components to ensure that your purchase makes sense for how you plan to use your new PC. We will help you decide which options are best and try to plan in a sensible upgrade path for future growth whenever possible.

We also sell laptop PC’s and can help you make the most out of your mobile PC experience. Having trouble deciphering all the latest buzz-terms like Centrino, Wi-Fi, etc.? Let us de-mystify the entire process for you and get you the best laptop computer you’ll be proud to own.

Gaming is also important to us. Computer gaming is at the roots of our experience, and nowhere else is it more important to choose the right kind of parts to keep up with today’s and tomorrow’s latest gaming titles. Need a more powerful video card? How about a whole new, powerhouse gaming rig? You need speak with no one else. We can put together the unit of your dreams, with framerates through the roof!

To the right are some of the products that Computer Corner takes pride in offering.

Professional Networking Service

Do you need assistance putting the “work” back into your network? Want to delve into the wireless world? Give us a call.

Fast, efficient onsite network troubleshooting is within your grasp at Computer Corner. Our network technicians are true professionals who have seen it and fixed it all. Filesharing, printer setup, remote access? Done. Anywhere from a single system configuration up to large LAN’s, we can help you work the kinks out of your network and restore your office’s productivity quickly and affordably.

Ready for an all-new server and/or workstations? The latest in multi-core systems, complete with the operating system best-suited for your business can be built and set up quickly with little interruption. Affordable yet powerful workstations are custom-configured per your employee’s requirements. Let us provide a free quote for your consideration.

Onsite networking service only available within Monterey County.

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